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March 27, 2009

The Moving Pictures Edition

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Moving pictures transformed the entertainment landscape of the 20th century. Now they are working their magic on the 21st. Not so much from the perspective of the big Hollywood blockbuster–that’s so 1950’s with just better special effects.

I’m talking the digital frontier where story tellers are plying their trade not on the silver screen but on your 17″ monitor.

And the story tellers are busy on behalf of the Silver Line and public transportation. The first set of moving pictures gets us ready for the feature–an animated piece which is about our very own Silver Line! Check out the new graphic representation of the the Silver Line in action.

The next moving picture comes from the roving vlogger Andy Dragt. He was sent on a special assignment from Friends of Transit to check out the HealthLine in Cleveland, Ohio. As he notes, Cleveland’s system is the closest bus rapid transit (BRT) system to us. His pictures show in more detail some of the features of a BRT system, such as paying your fare at the station–not on the vehicle, a raised platform and a station–not a “bus stop.” Check out Andy on the BRT!

For the true movie die hards who want to watch a few more moving pictures on BRT, head to California or overseas. See why BRT is an “affordable, adaptable and cost-effective alternative.”

So, if you like what you’re seeing, endorse the Silver Line Millage today!

Then plan on some popcorn and other refreshments as you volunteer to help on the campaign.

All for today.


March 23, 2009

The Nigerian Offer Edition

Have you ever thought about sending in the cash just on the chance that he’s telling the truth?  You know the guy I am talking about; the one sending millions of e-mails around the world offering you a handsome reward if you can only help him move $25 million of his family’s fortune out of Nigeria.  Your task–to send him $25,000, some paperwork or something like that and then, voila, his family’s stash is available and your very generous reward is in the mail to you!
Sound too good to be true?
What if I told you that there was $40 million locked up in a vault with your and my name on it?

Wait–it gets better–you only need to send in $12 (give or take a few bucks) to unlock the vault.

Wait one more minute–no need to get the check book out just yet–you don’t have to send in the money until 2012! You only need to commit to send the money in 2012 and then, voila, $40 million is on the way to you and me!

Our generous reward? A piece of 21st century infrastructure to support the development up on Michigan Street Hill and to drive the redevelopment along a forgotten corridor to the south.

This is no Nigerian offer. This is the Silver Line!

So, ready to help unlock the $40 million treasure? Just one piece of paper is needed and a little of your time.

As for the paper, endorse the Silver Line Millage today!

As for a bit of your time, come celebrate the official beginning of the Silver Line Campaign at the Kick Off Celebration at Tommy Brann’s on March 24th at 5:00pm!

If you’re really looking to make sure we get our reward, volunteer to help on the campaign!

All we need is a yes vote on May 5th which is our pledge to raise our local taxes in 2012 and then the $40 million to build the Silver Line is on its way to our community. No kidding.

All for today.

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