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April 20, 2009

The As If You Needed Another Reason Edition

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You’ve got to love Lou Glazer.

The news he brings can seem pretty bleak, but you can’t blame the messenger, can you? Is it his fault that too many of Michigan’s citizens just want to live in the 20th century in spite of the fact that the 21st century is almost ten years old?

While the facts and figures may not be the best, Lou and his crew at Michigan Future, Inc. has a set of recommendations to move Michigan back in the direction of prosperity. This week, they released their latest report, “Michigan’s Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy: Second Annual Progress Report”. When asked on Wednesday what the two most important things he would do, he stated: (1) increase funding for higher education and (2) invest in transit.

Yup, invest in transit. (See why I like him?)

So, how can you not vote YES on the Silver Line Millage on May 5th? If you needed another reason to vote YES for the Silver Line, check out Lou’s report! If you need a refresher on the Silver Line Millage, head to the Friends of Transit website.

This week, we’ve uploaded all of the campaign literature for your use. Check it out to see how the Silver Line is one route to a more prosperous Michigan.

When many folks read Lou’s report, they see the doom and gloom. The headline in Tuesday’s Grand Rapids Press wasn’t pretty.

How can we not be sobered up by the front page banner: “Michigan income ranking falls 11 percent below national average; weakest since 1929”? Though at the end of the article about Lou’s report, we get to the silver lining or at least our opportunity for a silver lining: “”Quite simply, in a flattening world where work can increasingly be done anyplace by anybody, the places with the greatest concentrations of talent win,” according to the Michigan Future study.”

That’s where the the Silver Line comes in–it’s all about supporting great places all along its route.

The Center for Michigan’s take on the report puts a better focus on our opportunity for a silver lining:
“And Lou repeated his planks of what’s needed to return Michigan to prosperity, including expanded investments of quality of place, increasing public investments in higher education, and “transforming teaching and learning so that it is aligned with the realities of a flattening world — all of education needs reinvention.””

Investments of quality of place. That’s got the Silver Line written all over it!

Want to spread the news about our great opportunity to build our community’s and west Michigan’s prosperity, why not write a letter to the Editor of the Grand Rapids Press? Just send an e-mail of 200 words or less to and you too can give our community another reason to vote YES on May 5th.

All for today.



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