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April 23, 2009

The Walk, Talk & Type Edition (or The Calling All Volunteers Edition!)

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Crunch time is upon us! The Silver Line Millage election is now only twelve days away! And we need your help!

The Silver Line has been getting some great press and the list of endorsers continues to grow.

If you didn’t see the recent news coverage, you’ll want to check out the piece on WZZM TV 13 that aired last Saturday — an excellent overview of the millage issue and then comments of volunteers in action. Also, the Grand Rapids Press has an article in today’s edition concerning the Rapid/ITP Board’s commitment to working with the community on the further refinements on the Silver Line.

Speaking of the Press and endorsements, did you see their endorsement of the Silver Line in last Saturday’s Press? A great overview of the reasons to VOTE YES!

These are good things for the Silver Line campaign. But campaigns are not won or lost through excellent media coverage and strong endorsements. These things surely help. But the campaign will be won or lost in the voting booth and we need your help to talk to as many voters as we can in the next twelve days.

Twelve days!?!

Yes, crunch time is upon us and the first task at hand is to get people out the next two Saturdays to canvass our neighborhoods. This job is what is known in the campaign world as a “lit drop.” That is to say, we’ll give you a list of likely voters and you simply need to drop off a piece of campaign literature at their front doors. No need to knock on the door and engage the occupant.

Again, these will be on the two Saturdays before the election: April 25 and May 2. We’ll leave from the Kent Ionia Labor Council hall at 918 Benjamin NE off Fuller Ave at 9:30am and then we’ll walk until noon. Contact our campaign coordinator, Ruth Kelly via e-mail or call her at (616) 447-1682 to get signed up.

If walking isn’t your thing, how about talking? Groups of volunteers will be making phone calls next week and on election eve in the evening. The dates are:

  • Monday, April 27
  • Tuesday, April 28
  • Thursday, April 30
  • Monday, May 4

What could be more fun than calling your family, friends or total strangers urging them to vote YES for the Silver Line? (I can think of a few things, but that’s not the point.) We need to make these calls and turn out the YES vote. We’ll provide the phone list and the script (and refreshments). Contact Ruth Kelly to sign up for this volunteer role.

And while you’re preparing to make your calls, if you want to get more familiar with the Silver Line, head to its website or never hesitate to check out the fact-packed Friends of Transit website.

If walking or talking doesn’t strike your fancy, how about utilizing the power of the pen, err, keyboard? There are very few easier ways to spread the news about this great opportunity to build our community’s and west Michigan’s prosperity. To name only two such ways to use your typing and mouse skills, you could head to the Friends of Transit website and click on a piece of literature and then forward it to every one you know living in the six cities. You could also write a letter to the Editor of the Grand Rapids Press and thank them for their endorsement of the Silver Line Millage. (Reminder — 200 words get sent to I’ll leave other typing options to your creativity!

So, I hope you’ll take a moment to walk, talk and type for the Silver Line. In reaching out to voters, it will make all the difference!

All for today.



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